U TV presents Bianca Linta @ La Mouche

Bianca Linta

Sâmbăta asta Bianca Linta este starul evenimentului U TV din La Mouche Arad.

Detalii aici.

Singer, Songwriter, DJ, Producer. Bianca Linta, a Romanian transplant now making waves across the United States can best described as the “Futuristic Jeanne d’Arc” of DJs and EDM vocalists. She attacks the silence of the night like a sainted, but seductive.After hearing and feeling her music, no matter how things are going in life, you’ll know you’ve experienced something like the birth of a star; you’ll know you have LIVE! Bianca feels: “Without music I would be nonexistent. Music is Nirvana to me and I want everyone to go on this journey with me!”

Bianca Linta este un artist reprezentat de Hit Yourself Consulting..

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